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There are both private and public adoption agencies. government maintains a website, Child Welfare Information Gateway, which lists each state's licensed agencies.

Problems with loss, grief, rejection, guilt and shame, identity, intimacy, and control uniquely affect each member of the adoption triad.

The estimated number of children adopted in the year 2000 was slightly over 128,000, bringing the total U. In fiscal year 2000, 150,703 foster children were adopted in the United States, many by their foster parents or relatives of their biological parents. governmental foster care system is not adopted or returned to the custody of their birth parents by the age of 18 years, they are aged out of the system on their 18th birthday.

The enactment of the Adoption and Safe Families Act in 1997 has approximately doubled the number of children adopted from foster care in the United States. To help encourage the adoption of children presently in foster care, adoption exchanges were created, so the county adoption agencies around the country could have central data base to help waiting children find homes.

Critics of transracial adoption question whether white American parents can effectively prepare children of color to deal with racism.

Others wonder where the children raised by white parents will find social acceptance as adults.

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